Implementing the Ideal Backup System

You've made it! It's Friday. It's always good to hear productive news on Friday, something to end your week with so you can relax for the weekend. Unless you're like me. In which case, you'll be working on cool new projects throughout the weekend. Perhaps a backup solution should be one of them.

Let's dive right into the last edition of this week-long series. I'll try to keep it short, no one likes a clustered Friday.


The fact is, you're going to spend some money on your backup system. The amount of money you put towards the system will depend on your requirements. If, for example, your backup is only of a WordPress website, you'll probably get away with storing one copy locally and one copy in Dropbox.

Total cost of a simple backup system like that? Probably about $10 per month (for the cost of Dropbox).

However, if you're backing up a more complicated system, or multiple systems, you may easily need to invest hundreds of dollars into this backup solution. You want to cover all of the points of failure we've discussed this week. Everything from redundancy to security. Don't lack on one point just because you're afraid of the cost it may have.

If you become too lax with any of the vital points of your backup solution, you're going to end up paying for it in the long-run. Muscle through, accept that there are cost, and for your sanity's sake, invest in a backup solution.


You're going to need to devote a systems administrator, or an entire system administration team to the backup solution. You will need to make sure your backup system is maintained just like the rest of your systems.

It's very important that you have someone managing your systems, the errors as they come up (they will come up, technology isn't perfect), and the backup solution itself. If you're migrating things off to Dropbox via their API, and they update a hook in their API that causes your script to fail, you need to know about it and resolve it quickly.


Over the last week, we've provided a handful of articles to help you build and implement the ideal backup system for your company or website. Everyone's backup solution will be different, but we have provided the key points for backup success.

Have any questions about your current backup system, or implementing a new backup solution for your company or website? Feel free to contact us for more assistance, and to learn how we can help you come up with the ideal solution for you.

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